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Consignor Information

What is a consignor?

Consignors sell their gently used children’s items with us. It’s similar to taking your items to a consignment shop except that with us your items are sold over one power-shopping weekend! You get a check for your sold items as soon as our event is over, and you can either pick up your unsold items or tell us to donate them to local charities.

Why consign with Hannah’s Closet?

Consigning has many benefits. First, you get to clean out your closets and make some cash! Consignors also get to shop our sale before we open to the public. We make selling your items EASY! No running around town meeting people to sell one item at a time. Sell ALL of your items at one time with us. You price and tag your items and we bring the shoppers in!

Our online tagging software for consignors makes it super easy to consign and tag your items. Our system also allows you to follow your sales during the sale weekend. Just login and see what has sold and how much money you made!

Consignor Registration

To sell your gently used items at the next show, you must first register to become a Consignor. Please follow the links below to complete registration:

Preparing Items for Consignment


CLICK HERE to create your tags.  This will walk you step by step through creating your tags online. Please email if you have any questions during tagging.

Pricing and Tagging​
  • You MUST print tags on cardstock

  • Place tag in the upper right corner of the clothing

  • Use a safety pin or a tagging gun to secure the tag

  • Tagging guns are nice but do create big holes so please use only in seams

        or tags on the collar​

  • Clothing items are limited to 200 pieces per consignor

  • All clothes must be put on hangers with the hook facing left -this
    should look like a question mark when looking at the hanger

  • All clothes must be organized and rubber banded by size and gender before drop off

  • Consignors do not get back hangers. - we do not pull them

  • Only Fall/Winter clothes will be accepted at the Fall sale and Spring/Summer at the Spring Sale

  • The better clothes look, the more money you can get for them

  • Please make sure all clothes are clean with no stains or tears in the clothes

  • Clothes that smell like smoke, are dirty, or are outdated will not be accepted as they do not sell

  • Please wash all clothes before drop-off

  • All clothes will be inspected at drop-off


Please bring your best shoes!  LIMIT 10 pairs

Maternity Clothes
  • Fall/Winter maternity clothes will be accepted at the Fall Sale and Spring/Summer at the Spring Sale LIMIT 25 items

  • We will only accept modern maternity clothes

  • Outdated, heavily worn, or faded maternity clothes will not be accepted

Other Items
  • Tags should be taped to books, DVDs,
    CDs, toys, etc

  • VHS tapes are NOT ACCEPTED

  • All items must be complete and in
    working order when dropped off. If a
    customer returns the item we will issue
    refund for item against the consignors

  • Ziploc bags work best, so anything that
    can fit into a bag should be in one.

  • All toys in bags need to have bags sealed

       with packing tape this keeps it together

       during the sale

  • When tagging shoes please use a
    safety pin to secure the tag to the shoe and tie shoes together- NO shoes in ziplock bags

  • DO NOT USE removable stickers as tags

  • Please make sure bedding has been washed and has no stains or tears

  • Please use a safety pin to secure the tag to the bedding

  • No bumper pads can be sold

  • Bedding that is outdated or faded will not be accepted

  • Bedding in general does not sell well - it needs to be modern, clean, and priced right to sell! 


Furniture must be in good condition and must meet all safety standards

See the recall list for more information.

Car Seats/Strollers

Car seats and strollers must meet all safety standards or they will
NOT be accepted. See the recall list for more information.

Items That Will Not Be Accepted:​
  • Stuffed Animals

  • VHS tapes

  • Breast Pumps

  • Items appearing on the CPSC's recall list

Please visit the consignment mommies website for all kinds of
additional useful information.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Instructions

  • All items must be tagged properly prior to drop-off

  • You must schedule your drop-off time online 

  • There are 3 drop-off days prior to each sale

  • Please allow 20 minutes for drop-off

  • Consignors will drive their vehicle into a marked space and volunteers will unload your items

  • Consignors are asked to please remain in your vehicle

  • Any items that are not accepted (ex. stained, faded, outdated) will be available for consignors to pick up at consignor pick up

  • Please print your unsold items report from the consignor homepage and bring it with you to pick-up

  • Checks will be available at pick-up

  • You will be responsible for pulling your unsold items

  • We recommend that you bring a box with you to hold all unsold items

  • If you do not pick up your items, they will become our property and they will be donated


  • Consignor PICK UP is SATURDAY NIGHT at 5:00PM . At 7PM ALL items will be donated.

  • If you are not picking up your items and they are going to be donated, please bring a self addressed stamped 

       envelope at drop off for your check to be mailed to you.​

Consignment Terms of Agreement

  • All consignors are required to pay a $14 fee, this includes volunteers

  • Consignors agree to the following distribution of proceeds from the sale:

    • Consignors will receive 60% of their sales

    • Consignors who volunteer at least 4 hours will receive 65% of their sales

    • Consignors who volunteer at least 8 hours will receive 70% of their sales

  • All items not picked up by 7pm will become the property of Hannah's Closet and will be donated

  • Any check older than 9 months will be cancelled by Hannah's Closet

  • Registering to consign means you understand and agree to these terms

  • Consignors agree to hold harmless and will make no claims against Hannah's Closet, the lessors of the space, or volunteers of Hannah's Closet

  • Consignors agree to make no claims against Hannah's Closet, or the lessor of the space for personal injury during participation with Hannah's Closet.

  • Hannah's Closet is not responsible for damage, theft or loss to any items consigned at the sale

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