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About Hannah's Closet

Hannah’s Closet was started in 2009 by Colleen and then Robin joined her in 2010.


The first sale started with 35 moms and through the years we have grown to over 800 families consigning. We say families because we have watched our families grow through the years, in age and in numbers. Colleen and Robin love getting to know the families and watching them grow. From the new pregnant moms trying to figure it all out, to the families that now have their kids in High School and College, we’re all one big family!


Hannah's Closet prides itself in giving back to the local community and that has been one of our main goals since the beginning. We reach out to different local charities before every sale to see how we can help. Through the years we have been able to donate thousands of dollars, diapers, food, pet supplies, clothes, shoes, books, uniforms, toys, and baby equipment. We love the Williamsburg community and strive to make it better in any way that we can. 


Our events last 3 days and we typically have over 3000 shoppers come through at each sale.

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